Tuesday, February 28, 2012
I met you in front of my enemy’s school gate. we were under the command to spread good news for young christians like us.  Nice to see you in the middle of hot air, your eyes in pair blew my hair! I wanna be closer and know you more. So, we can chat in the night, make me calm in my fight against the world.  Bring you the anthena, so you can receive my heartbeats signal, it was like drumline in my chest now! Gosh, i can’t stop staring and trying to get your attention. In the rain, you sat down beside my beautiful friend, she’s my school idol you know?, and do you know how much happy i am?? That you still made me around you by asking me questions and telling jokes, or asking me whether i know your school friends, i was so happy like i will jump, scroll, sing, scream, Thanks for happiness you bring!!                                                          


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