Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ha. it is my sketchbook, actually i have two sketchbook. 
but, this is the sketchbook i like the most. 
not because of the price, nor the appearance, 
but the memories behind it. : )

This is my first birthday present from my beloved languange class 
i was 16th that time *i'm still 16 now :p
here's the front appearance, nice is it? 

i never thought, got lovely stuff like this from my new friend. 
i don't even thought they would say happy brithday to me
but i thought wrong, 
they were so care and remembered my birthday
even i was also new for them. 

There's a lot of  beautifull greetings from them 
in the front and back of the sketchbook
even in every languange! 
i didn't even know what is that mean *i do now

Thanks my bestfriend :* 
#senggol Alfiera, Aliefia, Garnis, Ken, Era, Shara, Khoir, Izzatul


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